31 August 2016

About us


Association of Importers and Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment – ZIPSEE “Digital Poland” is an industry employers’ organization, a non-profit organization bringing together the largest companies from the consumer electronics and IT operating in Poland, including both manufacturers, importers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment.

Association was established on 16 December 2005. The main aim of the founders was the creation of the industry organization that will take care of the broad interests of companies – members ZIPSEE “Digital Poland”, which are an important part of the electronics industry and IT investing in Poland.

We, unlike most business associations, the Association specializes in well-defined problems, which in each case is determined by our members and reflects the main problems that must be measured in daily activities. In its current activities we have been identified by the members of the issues, while paying attention to any legislative initiatives that may have a direct or indirect impact on the activities of affiliated companies.

ZIPSEE “Digital Poland” is a 30% shareholder ElektroEko SA – Recovery Organization Electrical and Electronic Equipment – the biggest recycling organization in the country.