DEBATE ZIPSEE ' Digital Poland "-" the new law on waste electrical and electronic equipment-success or failure? "


January 1, 2016. Force entered into amended the Act on waste electrical and electronic equipment. Whether the new rules meet their tasks and objectives? What is the hardest in their implementation and where the law requires qualified? After a few months of the term of the new rules, we want to talk about past experience in the application of the new rules. Their efficient and effective action is in the interests of all business, Member States and citizens.

Such a summary we will make during the debate organised by the ZIPSEE ' Digital Poland ", a compound that represents the major manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment in Poland. "The new law on waste electrical and electronic equipment-success or failure?", to be held October 11 at 8:00 pm. 12:30 pm in the framework of the Forum "Recycling" when POL-ECO SYSTEM in 2016. With the amended law on ZSEE we will talk among traders, legislators – representatives of the Government and Parliament and experts in the field of environmental protection and consumer rights. We cordially invite you!


  • The Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, senator PiS-Zdzisław Pupa
  • Deputy Minister of the environment-Kathy Mazurek
  • The President Of The ZIPSEE ' Digital Poland "-Michael Kanownik
  • Federation Of Consumers-Andrew Anand
  • Samsung Electronics Poland-
    Jacek Łęgiewicz
  • the law firm DLA Piper-Tomasz Rudyk
  • President ElektroEko-Grzegorz Skrzypczak


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