ZIPSEE "Digital Poland once again supports young artists through Patronite.

Association of importers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment industry, ELECTRONICS and IT e-patronage gave away more cash grants for young creators and enthusiasts, raising patrons via the portal  Received funding developers provide support for further development of their outstanding talent.


Among the four prize-winning people was Leszek Bujanowski, photographer of great talent, who himself writes on present the usual spots in an unusual way.

Another award went to Kamila Wronski, the youngest Polish Mechatronics and the student. 9-year-old who comes to the currently primary school, studying at the Mechatronikę at the Technical University of Lublin, and from the fourth year of life creates inventions, for example. the robots.

The next scholarship has Paul Michalski, a mountain climber who has been praised for perseverance in strengthening the image of the world as a leader in Polish alpinism.

Grant money also went to Krzysztof Gonciarza, Blogger and vlogera, the leading comedy channel and podróżniczo-lifestyle. The prize was awarded him for his great creativity
in the use of new technologies.


In addition, the fact of granting awards to Chris Gonciarzowi by Michael Kanownika, President of ZIPSEE ' Digital Poland "was connected to the held 16 October. meeting in Theater 6. Floor for patrons of the artist, who with gave him the money.

"The work of Krzysztof Gonciarza and other artists proves that the internet can be an ally and a source of their funding," says Michael Kanownik, President of ZIPSEE ' Digital Poland ". "Being aware of the increasing digitisation of from the very beginning we support project, which we are, and hence artists in it. This is the method of financing, because here the developers banners consumers themselves, and not any public institution, to decide whom and whose financial talent want to support, "he added. The portal is the proof that digital technology fulfils an important role in the financing of culture and helping young artists.



People who are doing something interesting in life and share this with your audience, thereby becoming the creators, can through the appeal to individuals about the support in the form of a grant. is a social platform to support the work of lesser-known or totally unknown artists in the form of so-called. e-patronage. Selected artists will receive financial support through the site, on which they are registered.

Association of importers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment industry, ELECTRONICS and IT-ZIPSEE ' Digital Poland "from the beginning, the service supports the development of the project, passing repeatedly referred to a pool of money to registered on artists. About who exactly hit Awards decided by the jury, which includes Katarzyna Nosowska, Kasia Klich, The Dumplings and Professor. Błażej Ostoja-Low from the Academy of fine arts in Warsaw.

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