ZIPSEE "Digital Poland" in the Ministry of Justice on the protection of the fair companies before tax scammers

The question of the need to fight against tax fraud and legal protection of fair traders was the subject of talks representatives of the ZIPSEE ‘ Digital Poland “with the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro.

The meeting took place on Wednesday (September 21) of the Ministry of Justice. After the interview
with business minister Zbigniew Ziobro announced at a briefing press release the emergence of the Working Group, which is to be the plane talks between representatives of the business and Ministry in the fight against crime and the protection of legitimate companies. The head of the Department of Justice wants to group was expanded to include also representatives of the Ministry of finance.


The President of the ZIPSEE ‘ Digital Poland ‘ Michael Kanownik said that entrepreneurs from the electronics industry will be with the Government in this formula work together and share their knowledge in these matters. In his opinion, only in such a way, on the basis of interaction of business and Government, manages to create legal mechanisms that on the one hand, eliminate tax offenders, and on the other ensure the protection, safety and stability of honest businesses. “I am convinced that thanks to this partner conversations of traders with governmental high-level event we jointly work out the most efficient, effective legislative solutions and organizational, that not only ukrócą of the VAT fraud, but also will create a barrier to prevent similar crimes,” said the President of the ZIPSEE ‘ Digital Poland “at a briefing press release.

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