ZIPSEE "Digital Poland" will award the winners of the Festival Fama

Association of importers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment industry, ELECTRONICS and IT-ZIPSEE ‘ Digital Poland “supported this year’s Festival of Fama in Świnoujście, the largest interdisciplinary event the young art and culture. This is another initiative for the creators, which involved the entrepreneur in the electronics industry.


Relationship support this annual event for the second time. In tymroku he founded for the winners of the Festival carried out in cash prizes with a total value of 6.5 thousand. zł. They have been awarded the winners contest the three categories: literature prize. Mariana Redwana (for Casper Płusa and Alexander Trojanowskiego), music-award. Andrew Jakóbca (for T/aboret, Monika Kowalczyk and a group of Gypsy and The Acid Queen) and the Visual Arts and multimedia-reward them. John Sawki [ˈsafki] (for the authors of the photo exhibition “the island” and a group of Banana Shark).

“As electronic industry regularly strive to support initiatives that promote Polish artists. Especially those whose work may seem niche and is rarely of interest to patrons of the arts and culture. Often talented artists do not have the financial resources to develop their talents. That is why it is so important to support their development through business, “said Michael Kanownik, President of ZIPSEE ‘ Digital Poland”.

Fama Festival is an annual interdisciplinary show young art and culture taking place already for more than 60 years. Its purpose is to showcase the copyright acquis and songs brand new brightest artists of the younger generation, as well as the creation of a platform for the annual training workshop under the guidance of outstanding artists and educators.

This is another event organised for the creators, that engage the entrepreneur in the electronics industry. In July this year. ZIPSEE “Digital Poland” he workshops and members within the framework of the “Wierchowych” in Zakopane. The compound is also the patronage but Portal bringing together creators seeking financial support for the development of their work. The organization periodically passes grants the most talented and distinctive artists registered for the online community.

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