Industry: some of the proposals of the Ministry of finance to fight tax fraud may be ineffective

Among the proposals of the Ministry of finance to the sealing of the tax system is missing such that protect honest businessmen before tax fraudsters.
And the proposed elimination of quarterly VAT billing for large taxpayers or the introduction of sanctions for eg. understatement of tax may prove to be ineffective. Resort should these plans adjust-ZIPSEE considered "Digital Poland".

Association, representing the largest ELECTRONICS and IT industry entrepreneurs in Poland has requested in this letter to the Minister of Finance Paul Szałamachy. The response to emerging media specific solutions that I have found is in the amended law on tax on goods and services. The project is to be presented later this year, and its purpose is to seal the tax system.

ZIPSEE "Digital Poland" as a good and necessary element of the fight against tax fraud evaluates billed by resort finance directory extensions of products covered by the reverse charge mechanism. The relationship of same is appealed to the Ministry of finance in relation to hard drives and CPUs, where the annual VAT scams, as is apparent from the report for Piper from April this year. -dates back to 400 million. An initiative to support, according to entrepreneurs is also introducing the possibility of refusing VAT registration or its cancellation from the register. "In most cases, inspections tax authorities are usually late for poles and, unfortunately, the responsibility falls on the innocent companies that unwittingly acquired the goods, that at earlier stages of distribution was the subject of a marketing company-scam. So quick response and effective elimination from the market of suspicious entities is very good movement and we hope on how to implement this in practice, "he said in the Office of the Minister of finance, the President of the ZIPSEE" Digital Poland ' Michael Kanownik.

But at the same time, among the emerging media of the proposal of the Ministry of finance are such that, in the assessment of Respect – are off the mark and that the Government should give up or at least correct them, taking into account the opinion of business in this case. ZIPSEE "Digital Poland"
in the post sent to the Ministry of finance commented negatively about the proposals the Elimination of quarterly VAT billing for large taxpayers (at more than 1.2 million euro). So far, according to the Connection-the introduction of the rules for new entrants is warranted (because, as is clear from past experience to new entrants are used), to large enterprises do not have it already. "You should definitely focus on companies poles and new entities called only and solely for the purpose of tax fraud," said Michael Kanownik.

According to the entrepreneurs the mark is also the introduction of the deposit, when there is a risk that the newly formed entity can generate tax arrears. As ZIPSEE ' Digital Poland ' deposit money on deposit for a potential cheater will not constitute any barrier. And for a fair, a small trader. The relationship also calls for modification of the proposals on the introduction of penalties for understating tax due, if input tax or failure to submit the Declaration. They would be 30%. the amount of the understatement or overstatement. According to traders this proposal can affect fair operators who unknowingly make errors in VAT.

ZIPSEE "Digital Poland" also notes that among the emerging in the media proposals the Ministry of finance is missing such that realistically protect honest taxpayers against fraud. The relationship in April. He proposed to the Minister of finance introduction. the check-list, which is the set of rules that would prevent lagging honest business before entering into a transaction
Rogue actors.  "In reforming its farm system of VAT we can not omit this element. And we appeal to the Minister. This is particularly important, that a few years ago when tax carousels moved in to Polish, squeezed out of the countries of Western Europe, the then Government did nothing to timely warn and take action to prevent the establishment in Poland of crooks, "noted Michael Kanownik in position to the Minister of finance.

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