GIOŚ published a report on the functioning of the economic system ZSEE in 2015

Chief Inspectorate of environmental protection under the Act is required to publish an annual report the State of the KPI of the functioning of the system of the economy used electrical and electronic equipment in Poland. The report shall be drawn up on the basis of the annual and half-yearly reports of the entities registered in the register of GIOŚ, which at 31 December 2015. was 16563 entrepreneurs.


According to the report in 2015. on the territory of the Polish introduced a total of 526 913 573.02 kg of electrical and electronic equipment.  By contrast, depicts a total of 199 161 344.70 kg of waste equipment.  The mass of waste transferred to reuse was 652 521.50 kg. Per capita depicts 4.92 kg of waste equipment (assuming the number of population in 2015). Previous years: 2014. -4.15 kg, 2013. -4.25 kg, 2012. -4.34 kg, 2011. -3.55 kg, 2010. -2.80 kg, etc. In 2015. reached level the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment of 38.38% (dividing the result of the total weight of the equipment introduced in 2014. to the total weight of the waste collected in 2015.)

The full text of the report is available here:

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